Monday, 27 April 2009

66% Drink Rakia Without Ice

The question asked was:

Rakia With Ice?

The Results

46 (66%)
8 (11%)
11 (15%)
Don't know
4 (5%)

Total Votes: 69

Well this was the result of the recent poll and quite clearly the verdict from 69 votes took the side of no ice with rakia. In restuarants and bars in Bulgaria ice is nearly always put alongside the rakia, This wouldn't indicate the ice not being used as I personally put the ice provided in the glass mineral water alongside; I'm sure many other rakia drinkers in these places do the same.

A new poll is now cast asking whether the EU should make tax on homemade Rakia a mandatory requirement in European Rakia making countries. Surely the EU members have to be uniform in this and all be equal. Why should duty on spirits be imposed in one European country and not another? Or should EU countries that have Rakia making as part of their tradition, culture and even religion, be excused?
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