Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cherry Rakia Making Season In Bulgaria Upon Us

Time is almost ripe for the cherry rakia in Bulgaria. In the Sliven region it has a great tradition of cherry rakia which should really be known in other parts of the world. 

Living in this region I am quite lucky, I can go to a local market stall and pick up a litre of cherry rakia for around 8 Bulgarian Lev with the traditional sample before buying of course. Of course to make your own you have to have cherries either grown or bought, it is never going to be as big as the sliva (plum) and grape productions but a nice side line and and early bonus in stocks to many Bulgarians here.

Needless to say, many a tipple of cherry will be had over the coming months and with the accompaniment of fresh crops now almost in full flight in the lands basking in the warm sunshine, it is party time again in Bulgaria.
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