Monday, 23 October 2017

Bulgarian Cuisine - Rakia


Bulgaria’s national beverage, rakia is made out of fermented fruits, usually grapes or different kinds of plums. People often mistake Rakiya for “brandy” but the two drinks are distinct in their distillation, fermentation, and ingredients. Every region has its own version of rakia depending on the local fruit crops.
Rakiya is a stiff drink, usually having 40% alcohol content. Home-brewed rakia can be quite stronger, depending on who’s making it. Bulgarians enjoy drinking it during dinner, ideally combined with a shopska salata and maybe a plate of cheese.
This was the description of Rakia as part of the best Bulgarian National Foods.
If you want to see the other arrays of foods and drinks that accompany Rakia as an important part of the Bulgarian Traditional and acclaimed dinner table visit this link:

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