Monday, 27 November 2017

Underground Rakia Making in Bulgaria

It goes without saying that homemade rakia is far better quality than mass produced factory rakia sold in shops in Bulgaria.

The homemade rakia bandwagon carries on even though there are laws which restrict the amount made for private use. It has been found that 60% of rakia made in rakia house around the country are not recorded or accounted for. It is no surprise this happens, who would want to put up with inferior rakia bought over the counter. Who would want to destroy the great culture and tradition of rakia making in a country that has practiced this without any harm to anyone bar businesses who want to make a profit for a small minority. 

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There are always those who take advantage of any system like the rakia making process. I think most would agree that some monitoring should go on in this area, but not the detriment of those who make it just for personal use.

Interesting article basically backing up what has just been said.

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