Monday, 22 September 2008

Homemade Rakia Process Started

Well on the way to my own grape Rakia being made now as the process in in full swing.

It was a couple of weeks ago that the grapes from my farmhouse were harvested, put into big plastic bags and transported to Yambol. They were put into a big plastic barrel and trampled on bare-footed to crush them. This by the way is not traditional way that the grapes are crushed. Bulgarians normally press them through a chicken wired framed system where the stems are separated.

The fermentation has been in progress for some time now and the addition of 30 kilogram of sugar and 90 litres of spring water was suggested by my Bulgarian rakia expert neighbours, family and friends. The grapes apparently were picked a few weeks too early and the sugar content wasn't too good was the reason. The idea is to get as much alcohol content as possible out of the mixture to get more Rakia from the distilling process.

There is a town Rakia house on the other side of town, which has to be booked in soon. Right now every home is making reservations, so I'd better get in quick.

The smell of the fermenting grapes attracts many wasps and flies in the garage where it is kept, but who can blame them with all that sugar knocking about!
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