Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Rakia Producers - Vinex Slavyantsi

The Vinex Slavyanatsi winery is among the most famous wine producing companies in Bulgaria. Its success is due to the combination of the old wine growing and wine producing traditions and the new modern technologies.

The Vinex Slavyansi region is located in the famous Sungurlare valley which is the most Eastern part of Bulgarian sub-Balkan wine-growing and wine-producing region.

There are many archaeological finds and monuments that indicate that both wine-growing and wine and Rakia (Brandy) -producing have been known there since ancient times. This tradition has now been carried on into modern times woith the community and the company.

Growing grapes is predominantly meant for Rakia (Brandy) and wine-producing here. Wine massifs are located on the slopes of this hilly countryside and an environmentally pure region.

The main white wine varieties include Red Misket, Muscat Otonnel, Chordonnais, Riesling and Ugni Blanc; while Cabernet, Merlot and Pamid produce the main sorts of red wines.

The use of modern technical base of large capacity. There are four well equipped wine cellars for grape-processing and winification located at different places namely, the village of Slavyantsi, the town of Sungurlare, the town of Karnobat and the village of Chernitsa.

Vintex Slavyanisi is also the owner of three up-to-date products designed to stabilize and bottle sparkling wines as well as produce and bottle vermouth, bitter, grape Rakia (Brandy) and wine Rakia (Brandy). These are located in the town of Sungurlare and the village of Lozarevo.

Annually they market over 20 million of bottles of wine and Rakia with various in house brands and labels.

Among the Company's main foreign partners are Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holand and the USA, where the Vinex Slavyantsi production is well known and preferred.

Vinex Slavyantsi
8460 Slavyantsi,
Burgas Region,
Tel: +359 5571 2500;
Fax: +359 559 2131
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