Monday, 3 November 2008

Results of the Popular Spirit Poll

Results of the poll conducted where you were asked, "Which is the Best Spirit?"

The options were Grape Brandy/Rakia, Mastika/Ouzo, Vodka, Gin, Whisky/Whiskey, Rum and Other.

With 59 guests having voted, the results where as follows:

  • Grape Brandy/Rakia 36 votes - 64%
  • Vodka 14 votes - 16%
  • Other 5 votes - 8%
  • Whisky/Whiskey 3 votes - 5%
  • Rum 3 votes - 5%
  • Gin 1 vote - 1%
  • Mastika/Ouzo 1 vote - 1%

By far and taking almost 2/3rd for the votes with 36 was the Rakia. It was quite a surprise that the Mastika and Ouzo didn't get more than one vote as this is quite popular in Bulgaria.

Vodka was the second most popular this will tie up with the fact that vodka is probably the number one spirit in Bulgaria with the new generation, it has had a lot of publicity through the big vodka companies who target the young so this is no real shock.

The most surprising was only 3 votes for Whisky or Whiskey, but then my own opinion on this drink is that it is overrated and overpriced. Rum however was up there and on par with whisky/whiskey, again the trend for rum as a clubbing mix drink may influence voters.

Can I thank all that took the vote and I look forward to seeing another one of your opinion on a new poll coming out today - Which Country Makes The Best Rakia/Raki/Grappe etc.?

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