Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sunny Beach Rakia (Brandy) VS - A Review

Sunny Beach Rakia (Brandy) V.S comes in 750ml bottles.
Aged for 3 Years
Alcohol: 40%
Producer: Black Sea Gold, Pomorie, Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach Rakia (Brandy) VS - A ReviewI tried this particular Rakia last weekend when a friend actually brought is from its home base Pomerie in the summer. It gave me reason to write up about it although I didn't get any pictures of the bottle, but I'll try and capture one if I see the Rakia bottle again.

I was quite impressed with the smoothness of the Rakia although being used to homemade Rakia it felt a 'bit tame' as it was sipped down, but that's just me. Once the first sample was drunk it left you wanting more, that they tell me is a sign of a very good Rakia. The cost for the 750 ml bottle was 13 leva (around £5.) Would I buy it? Probably not as I make my own.

This wine based rakia (brandy) has a glowing light red-brown colour. It is stored in wooden casks which produces complex flavours that become assertive and firm when tasted. It has a fruity flavour alongside that let's on to a touch of softness.

It is produced by a unrushed and hygenic distillation which are taken for the the essential flavours and aromas of specially selected red wines. Their slowly fermentation and barrel-aged process makes a hard cider. Then the wine is double distilled over an open flame to finally acheive this distintive Rakia. This particular Rakia is ideal served either at room temperature or with ice after a traditional Bulgarian meal.

Pomorie’s 'Black Sea Gold' trade name alcoholic products are produced using locally grown top quality grapes based on the original recipes that now conform to highest European standards as is required now. This criteria naturally achieves the highest quality Rakia.

A final point: I have caught a glimpse of this Rakia being sold in Cafe Bulgari in Illinois - USA for $2.99 a glass (I assume 50 ml) or $39.99 a bottle.
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