Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rakia (Raki) in Albania

This was clipped based around the photograph that has now been viewed nearly 9,000 times. There is an interesting dialogue alongside it explaining the picture. There is not much around about Rakia in Albania, so it is quite a rarity to get a picture and commentary about it. If you want to see the original site go to -

Rakia (Raki) In Albania


Raki was brought to Albania through the Ottoman conquest of the country in the late 14th century. Made from fermented and distilled fruit, usually grapes but sometimes plums the Albanian raki contains no aniseed and its taste varies according to the fruit used to make it.

The process of making raki in Albania is exceptionally difficult, with the slighest mistake turning a potentially perfect batch of it into what is known as 'soft raki', which is considered by many to not be worth drinking.
Albanians are very fond of their national drink, and, despite the fact it is about as potent as vodka it is not drunk as a Russian would drink vodka. It is sipped in tiny amounts and both making and drinking raki are almost art forms.
Each family has one it considers to be a raki master. It is usually drunk at social gatherings and other events. Some of the best raki in Albania comes from the Skrapar and PĂ«rmet districts. Cheers!!!


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