Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Cherry Rakia Making Season Soon

Before I start there is another decent website page on another site that gives a good account of rakia and it's attributes. There are also a couple of pictures alongside to illustrate within the articles. Worth a read although the presentation isn't brilliant, it's purely information based. It can be entered on this link below:

It is true to say that there really isn't any other site that is totally dedicated to rakia other than commercial marketing sites. This is surprising as there are millions of people who drink and appreciate rakia or its equivalent worldwide.

The Cherry Rakia Making Season SooMore to come soon as the crop growing season starts, first off is the cherries that ripen first for a special cherry based rakia in Bulgaria from the Sliven region.

You will be taken through the process nearer the harvesting time in May to June. Early rakia for those who have run our of last year's supply already.

After the last post of the best rakia to date, I had an experience of one of the worse only last weekend, but I won't name its producer as he is a nice Bulgarian chap with his heart in the right place. A clue in in an article posted about an evening of rakia on Baba Marta Den Eve.
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