Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ginger Rakia - Made In The Bachkovo Monastry

This is the first time I have heard of Ginger Rakia, it must obviously be a speciality form the Bachkovo Monastry. I can only assume they still make it there and present it to VIP guests or sell it to tourists. Simeon of course is the former King of Bulgaria and then became Prime Minister and still has an active role in politics. I wonder where that bottle of Ginger Rakia is now!?

Father Superior Presented Simeon With Ginger Rakia

Simeon and his wife Margarita left the Bachkovo Monastery with a bunch of geranium and a bottle of ginger rakia (brandy). The sprays, given by Father Superior Bishop Nahum, will be planted in the Vrana palace for health. The Prime Minister arrived at the Monastery on a private visit, taking a group of 12 guests from Spain and Greece. The monks welcomed him praying for health and longevity for the Bulgarian people and the Government. The Monastery's FatherSuperior Nahum presented Simeon with 7 red painted eggs standing for the seven Christian sacraments. Apart from the famous ginger rakia, the PM was given a bottle of monastery wine. On leaving, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha promised to come each year on the second day of Easter and take part in the litany with Virgin Mary's icon to the Kluviata site. Later the PM and his spouse invited their guests to have lunch at the nearby restaurant Jamura. Then the whole group got on the bus and headed for Plovdiv on sight-seeing in the Old Town. Simeon took his guests to the king's residence in the village of Banya in the evening.
Kostadin Arshinkov

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