Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Rakia and Black Pepper - A Cure For Sore Throats

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Rakia and freshly ground black pepper has been used as a cure for sore throats in Bulgaria for generations. With the onset of a sore throat a piece of linen is soaked in rakia and freshly ground black pepper is spread over it. The linen is then place around over throat with the pepper-laden side in contact with skin whilst lying down.

This is left on for around 20 minutes and repeated every few hours. The result more often than not is a very much-relieved throat. This is not just an Old Bulgarian wives’ tale, but a remedy that actually works – I’ve seen it in action. I just can’t wait to get a sore throat to try it out one day. I’m far too healthy, which is good as I get to drink rakia rather than applying it.
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