Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Rakia, Wine And Now Home Brewed Real Ale In Bulgaria

Since moving to Bulgaria and discovering Rakia I can’t say that I have missed my previous favourite spirit whisky. But the spirit’s cousin beer is another matter. I do miss the real ale and no one makes it in Bulgaria so I decided to try making my own here and to my amazement it was not only a success, but I have had requests from Bulgarian to make more as they loved it.

My brother bought me a beer making kit online for my birthday as I hinted one day that I did miss the my home brewing and real ale, even though we are previlaged have wine making and rakia making coming out of our ears here. The kit had everything that you need as I had to start from scratch again here. From start to finish it took less than two weeks ready for drinking and I used the well water, which is used for my rakia making.

My brother, who is lives in the UK, had joined the beer club from where he got the beer making kit and has now started his own brewing for the first time in his life at 50 years old!

So now not only well content in making my own rakia, wine and buying great lager type drink here that you can’t compete with in Bulgaria, but real ale from beer kits that compare very well with the ‘pub’ versions – and cheap as chips being home brewed of course.
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