Monday, 13 July 2009

Rakija - A Norwegian Band With Balkan Spirit

This blog is about all thing to do with Rakia and here is another example of a Balkan band called Rakija named after their National Serbian spirit even thouyh they were originally based in Norway.

Just enjoy the music, which to my mind could easily be enjoyed with a glass of rakia as a companion.

Rakia from not only Bulgaria, but the Balkans as a whole has an ever-growing worldwide reputation and this band certainly gives added knowledge to wherever they perform, live on CD or online through YouTube.

Rakija is a unique Balkan band, but it is also the name of the famous Balkan brandy, made of grapes, plums or other fruits. Both the band and the brandy will make you feel warm inside, and make even the stiffest Norwegian just bursting to dance!!!

The band Rakija was formed in 2007 in Oslo, gradually becoming a musical collective with musicians from Serbia and Norway. They play traditional music from the Balkan region presented in fresh, modern arrangements, and incorporating elements from rock and classical music. They also keep adding their own songs to the repertoire.

Rakija has become a live act well known for its energy, musicality and broad appeal. The band has already played at many different venues in Oslo and Norway, inspiring people to dance their shirts off at Balkan parties, while moving other people to tears with acoustic performances. The band continues to grow as a musical unity, attracting many different types of audience.

”Rakija is the name of a Serbian brandy, but it is also the name of the ensemble that this evening sang and played catchy, rhythmical Balkan folk songs, almost blowing off the roof of the church! Many people in the audience sang along, while some wiped tears from their eyes – moved by the impression the band gave with its powerful performance”.

Hege Boman Grundekjøn, after the concert in Røa church, 13. February 2008

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