Monday, 17 August 2009

Grappa In Bulgarian Shops

Grappa is a strange thing to see in Bulgaria in a country that judges its own rakia to be the best spirit in Europe. Why on earth would grappa be on the shop shelf? I don't think I've seen any Italians here since first coming here nearly 5 years ago. Who on earth would buy grappa when there is rakia coming out of thew woodwork here?

Grappa In Bulgarian ShopsWell grappa is in the shops and the globalisation is becoming a big realisation here now. you can buy almost anything in Bulgaria now, that never used to be the case. But can you buy rakia in Italy over the shop counter? Probably as there is a great many Bulgarians living and working there and there is bound to be a demand, or would they drink grappa there? When in Rome...

There is a good account of the history of grappa which can be read at this site:
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