Monday, 24 August 2009

Caraway Rakia From Serbia

I have discovered a review of a caraway rakia that is produced in Serbia and have given an extract as follows:

Caraway Rakia From Serbia
A couple of years ago I've had a chance to taste this Caraway rakia with a friend of mine. But back then I didn't pay much attention to what I was tasting - I was mostly concentrated on LIKE or DISLIKE mental notes :) Both of us (me and friend of mine) remembered this rakia a few months ago, so we agreed we should buy it again and try it now, to refresh memory of it. But, we encountered a problem - it was impossible to find it anymore!

During my "time-travel" in Vranjska Banja, I found it there in local store. There were just two bottles left, and since I was there with (another) friend of mine, we both bought a bottle, so I take a liberty to say that Kimova rakija is a distinct liquor now! :)

Because years have passed since I've tasted it, I felt like I never tasted it in my life. I couldn't recall any memory of it, except that it wasn't as harsh on palate as many rakijas (especially homemade ones) are. So I left my imagination think of something before I try it :) Since caraway is macerated in it, I thought it'd be chilly. But, it actually was not at all what I've expected!....................

If you want to read the rest of this well written account go this link:
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