Friday, 22 August 2008

Kahlibar Rakia from Karnobat

Kehlibar Rakia, is made from grapes grown from vineyards in the Karnobat region. This is in south east Bulgaria some 50 kilomters west of Borgua and the Black Sea.

The grapes used are extensively a micture of Muscat, Dimyat, Pearl and Pamid varieties. There is an ageing process that takes a year stored small 230-litre barrels. This adds to the character of the Rakia with of oak and vanilla bouquets apparent. This gives a unique mild taste and dense amber colour.

The quality Kehlibar Rakia have been recognized by leading overseas experts. It has had the accolade of a bronze medal from the Monterey Wine Competition in King City, California. , USA. It also was awarded an Honorary Diploma at the specialized international competition Vinaria in Plovdiv in 2005.

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