Friday, 29 August 2008

Slivenska Perla Rakia

The grape brandy "Slivenska Perla" is produced from the aromatic grape varieties Muscat Ottonel, Perla and Tamianka, widely distributed in the region of Sliven. It is with special technology aquired over the years, which guarantees consistency of quality. The rakia is matured for one year before bottling.

It has a soft taste and delicate flavour, the reason is due to the grape varieties used namely, Muscat Ottonel, Perla and Tamianka. Because of the quality this particular grape brandy "Slivenska Perla" (Sliven's Pearl) is in great demand throughout the country and beyond.

It is produced by Vini Sliven, Bulgaria which was oringally a wine produing compny started in 1920. This is one of the big two companies from that have own distillery for production of spirit from wine.

It is a standard 40% alcohol by volume and sold in 750 ml bottles.
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