Monday, 25 August 2008

Rakia Never Alone

Rakia, its a drink that is never lonely. What do I mean by that?

The Rakia is often if not mostly drunk in company of Bulgarian family or friends. It is normally the women that serve the Rakia to the men at the meal table. A Rakia therefore is subject to being served and drunk involving at least two parties, the server and the drinker, never alone.

Of course there are a few who regularly drink Rakia without human company, but this is confined in the main to shepherds who are out with the the goats and sheep each day; they the company in this case, never alone.

Rakia is always served with a side drink and food, another case of never being drunk alone. This gives further evidence that Rakia is never lonely. With all this company about, Rakia is responsible for the well being of Bulgarian communal society. It inspires friendship and discussion and a common element for all who are Bulgarian. It remains a part of the culture in which communication is the main ingredient and Rakia plays a major is part of that.

If ever you see a person drinking Rakia on its own and on their own, you will know that the chances are that either they are not a true Bulgarian, or they have a drink problem.
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