Monday, 27 October 2008

Don't Forget Windfall Apples For Rakia

Don't Forget Windfall Apples For RakiaIt was a case of total dismay when I discovered that most of my apples in my orchard were laying on the ground rotting. I had been away for a week and high winds had cause them to drop and they had been there for five days. It wasn't until I was reminded that even these rotting apples could successfully be used for making rakia and often is. I had my doubts whether this crop would work, but who was I to argue against people in Bulgaria who have traditionally been doing this for generations.

With lots fo help, it wasn't long before there was a big barrel full of decaying apples which now that sits in my summerhouse. There will be water and suagr added next weekend and the fermentation should start soon with warmer weather forecast later this week.

Don't Forget Windfall Apples For RakiaIt was said that after this has fermented out it can be left to stand all winter and distill in the spring or even summer next year. This is because the alcohol will be is a preservative and should remain good for a year or even longer.

It is often forgotten not least by me, that Rakia is not just made out of sliva or grapes, but can and is successfully be made from many other fruits rather than be given for animal feed.

It will be interesting to see the taste differences between the difference fruit based Rakia when ready for drinking. I will now have sliva, grape and now apple new year to join the growing variety of Rakia stock.

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