Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Rising Cost of Restaurant Rakia

The cost of Rakia in Bulgaria is cheap, in fact it is the cheapest alcoholic drink to buy over the counter and about three time the cost of petrol!

Over the last three years there has been a marked increase in prices. Usually a normal measure is 100 ml, the price used to be around 50 stotinki (€0.25) for a local Yambolska Rakia across the board in restaurants and bars in Yambol. Other brands were slightly higher in price, but no more than 1 leva.

Now the price for Yambolska has risen to 80 stotinki to 1.00 minimum in small local bars and well in excess of 1 leva, in fact nearer the 2 leva mark in many restaurants. The increase was expected as all other food commodities and the cost of living have risen in line with this. What this means is that Rakia is now even more popular as a home distilled hobby and is now shared more between communities whereas before many Bulgarians may have consider buying over the counter.

Even more of a shock was a recent price list from a restaurant in Sofia that gave a big choice of Rakia brands. The list is shown here; don't forget to take into account the fact that these shots are only 50 ml, half that of the normal measure and in Euro currency!

Bulgarian Rakia (Brandy) in a Sofia Restaurant

“Dyadova Usukanitsa” 50ml € 1.30

Misket - Karlovo 50ml € 1.30

Kailashka grozdova 50ml € 1.30

Muskat - Pomorie 50ml € 1.30

Pomorie special 50ml € 1.30

Sungulare grozdova 50ml € 1.30

Muskat, old - Straldzha 50ml € 1.30

Muskat, Special - Bourgas 50ml € 1.50

“Pearl” – Sliven 50ml € 1.80

Troianska slivova, Special 50ml € 1.80

Bourgas 63 50ml € 2.00

Bourgas 63, Barrel 50ml € 2.50

Royal Selection – Yambol 50ml € 2.50

Bourgas 63, Pearl 50ml € 3.55

Alambik Pomorie 50ml € 3.55

For many, if not most in Bulgaria, the only rise in cost for the sugar that is supplimented in the fermentation and a slight increase in local Rakia House fees. Many right now are queuing up in Rakia houses as this is grape Rakia time! I am no exeption and feel good about not having to pay excess for factory produced Rakia which is deemed inferior to all home producing Rakia makers.
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