Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fermentation Continues - After a Break

The homemade Rakia in Yambol that I started is coming on well. I was told to take the barrel of fermenting grapes outside into the yard and let the sun shine on it. This will increase the temperature and make the fermentation more active.

The trouble was there was a cold spell recently and no sun and the fermentation stopped. But over the last two days it has warmed up again and the bubbling has started again. It doesn't taste sweet now, as most of the sugar has now converted into alcohol. It won't be long now before it is ready for distilling. Most of the grape pomace has now sunk to the bottom. When there all the pomace has sunk that is when the 'wine' is ready.

Incidentally, this batch is definitely not for wine, if it was there would have been no additional sugar and water added. Also for the wine process all the stalks of the grapes would have been removed before fermenting, as it would taint the finished wine. The main objective here is to get as much alcohol as possible converted from the natural and added sugars.

It is quite amazing that visitors coming over from the UK and after seeing the process admitted they had absolutely no idea how wine is made. They just can't believe that the fermentation of grapes is a natural process without any need for chemical additives. Too long under the supermarket wine and food cosh I do believe. Well, at least there has been some education taken back with them to the UK.
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