Thursday, 8 January 2009

Homemade Rakia For Stomach Aches

Homemade Rakia For Stomach AchesBulgarian rakia has many uses and like many other spirits in different homelands, there are many local traditional medicinal ways that are used to treat illnesses and sickness that have been passed down through the years. This week I was to find out one of these traditional medicinal remedies that was used to great effect to treat a stomach complaint.

A neighbour was complaining about severe stomach aches, which had been going on for two to three days. It had been very cold and this had apparently got to her. She wasn't old, around 30 years old, but didn't look too good at all as she was about to go to the doctor to have it checked out.

Our family suggested she used an old Bulgarian trick that just might work before she goes to the Doctor and pays out money for the trip plus no doubt prescription charges that she could ill afford with a family to feed and her husband out of work.

The method was, just before the patient goes to bed, soak some tissue paper in strong homemade rakia then place it over the stomach. This should then be covered with a tea towel and secured around the waist so the tissue underneath doesn't dislodge. Then drink a small glass full of rakia and sleep on it. This was exactly what the woman did with our supervision after which we said goodnight and went back to our own home.

The next morning there was a totally recovered neighbour at our doorstep with a box of chocolates thanking us for our help. She has totally recovered from here stomach problem. The rakia taken internally and externally had done the trick.

I don't suggest for one moment that this will work every time someone has stomach problems, there may be more serious problem that rakia can't cure, but it worked very well in this case.
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