Monday, 12 January 2009

Rakia - A Good Name for a Baby?

Rakia - A Good Name for a Baby?Having surfed the word Rakia for some time on the web, there are quite a few people called Rakia, we have already been following: an artist: Arabian horses: a dixieland jazz band: an Arifcan pop group and an Olympic Athlete all named Rakia.

Today I came across a site that focussed on the popularity of babies names and has an account the name Rakia for newly borns. It's not that popular, even though the name has biblical references.

Baby names - the name Rakia

Baby names info for Rakia:

* Gender: a girl name
* Syllables: 3
* Characters: 5

Alternate Forms/Spellings:

* We currently have no alternate spellings of the name Rakia, but we are constantly updating our records!

Baby Names Popularity:

Rakia does not currently rank in the top 1000 names.

Products personalized with the name Rakia:

* Baby Baseball cards - complete with Rakia's name and photo!
* Personalized Toy Boxes - to store Rakia's baby toys.

Wow! Rakia is an uncommon name! YeahBaby has over 26,500 baby names in our database of international names popularity, but Rakia was not one of those names. And since our database goes back to 1990, the name Rakia hasn't been popular in past years either!
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