Monday, 26 January 2009

Rakia - A Way of Life in Bulgaria

Rakia has become a way of life since moving to Bulgaria, everything seems to be geared towards that Rakia moment at the end of each day. It is like a little signal to say, this is the end of the time for work and the relaxation can begin. This isn't always the case though, there are evenings without Rakia, why is this?

Evenings without Rakia are in the minority here, but every once in a while the pleasure needs a break. Not from want more from starving yourself from the home made liqueur, a self-sacrifice for a reason. That reason is simple, it is because the delay in it being tasted, maybe two or three days later, the pleasure become even more intense and more cause to enjoy.

Rakia - A Way of Life in BulgariaThe evening's tipple is usually one small glass and on occasion two if it is a late night or extra Rakia drinking company is around. This applies to week day where work is due the next day. Weekends may be and very often are slightly different.

Weekends and Rakia just seem made for each other. The food is normally more special and so the Rakia ritual is heighten as the food has a natural lending to be accompanied with the spirit. This is maybe why Bulgarians just use forks to eat with, as a knife is totally unpractical with none forking hand having the Rakia welded to it. Knives laid on a table for eating when Rakia is on the table just doesn't work in Bulgarian homes.

Whether winter or summer Rakia is enjoyed in the home or outside respectively. Birthdays and name days a quick nip with snacks at work as well. For religious occasions including, birth, marriage and death, Rakia has its place in these traditions in Bulgaria.

This aside, you don't need a celebration or special event to enjoy Rakia, perhaps in Bulgaria the event of drinking Rakia is a celebration in itself.
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