Thursday, 8 October 2009

237 Litres Of Rakia Seized In Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

This piece of news on illegal rakia that has been acquisitioned was found recently. "The quality and type of the alcohol is yet to be analyzed." I can just imagine the fun that will be had when the analysing takes place!

Around 50,000 boxes of cigarettes and 237 liters of high-spirit alcohol have been seized by customs officers with the Operational Custom and Excise Control Department with the Territorial Customs Directorate Plovdiv, in cooperation with officers with the Economic Police to the District Interior Ministry Directorate – Plovdiv.

The excise goods were found at a commercial outlet – a store, located close to a residential building in the town of Asenovgrad (Central South Bulgaria). The goods used to be stored in violation to the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act. The cigarettes and alcohol were found in the store itself, in the corridor of the staircase, and at am apartment on the second floor of the building.

2,819 of the boxes of cigarettes – GD, Marilyn, Marlboro, King, Kent, and others, were with old excise label with expired validity, while the rest of the cigarettes were without any excise label – Red Eagle, Victory and others.

The alcohol – 70 liters of 95% ABV and more than 160 liters of high-spirit liquid smelling like rakia (Bulgarian brandy), used to be stored in plastic tubes and canisters. The quality and type of the alcohol is yet to be analyzed.

The cigarettes with old excise label and the alcohol have been given for storage at the Customs – Plovdiv.

Administrative proceeding under Article 123, Paragraph 2 of the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouse Act has been initiated. Pre-court proceeding has been launched over the cigarettes without excise label.

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