Saturday, 17 October 2009

More Illegal Rakia Seized In Bulgaria

More Illegal Rakia Seized In Bulgaria

It is another capture of illegally distilled rakia that hits the news, to too far from where I live here. This is exactly what will give reason to ban rakia making totally in Bulgaria like the rest of the EU all because it is done for profiteering from a few crooks. The point of distilling home made rakia should be done entirely from the point of being used domestically and not used for blatant business. There will be many more illegal rakia seized as the recession hit s and other avenues for money making are sought. I just hope this doesn’t backfire into the legitimate rakia making being put into jeopardy, even with the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov being rakia fan.

Customs inspectors from Burgas Regional Customs Directorate have found four illegal distilleries for brandy production equipped with modern facilities in the municipality of Kotel, the Customs Agency announced. From the above-mentioned were seized 1392 liters of illegal ethyl alcohol.

Three of the closed off illegal distilleries of alcohol are in the village Yablanovo and the fourth in Malko Selo village, Kotel Municipality.....

......The check was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Interior – Sliven including two customs mobile groups, officials from Customs and Excise Operational control of Burgas Customs office and officers from Customs office in Sliven.

Total of 416 inspections were carried out by Burgas Regional Customs Directorate in recent months, 41 of which of specialized small distilleries. 15 violations of the excise law by small distilleries were found.

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