Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An Negative Opinion Of Rakia The Drink

This is an article written by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Eastern Europe who use to work in Bulgaria for a time. An interesting overview of rakia from her. Of course is is a kind of generalisation from my view point. There are some jet fuel type rakia about, but the vast majority are produced from knowledgable Bulgarians and more than a palatable drink.

The Real Medicinal Purpose of Rakia… And Why I Don’t Drink It!
So last Friday it was a good friend of mine’s birthday. In the traditional fashion here we spent the day helping her get ready to throw a small party here at the municipality (Here you throw your own birthday party and treat everyone to food and drinks as opposed to have friends throw one for you). So we walk into the big conference room on the third floor to get things going and notice that there is something that looks like a flow chart written by an intoxicated 6-year-old on the white board. Being the good friends and savvy detail oriented friends that we are we decided that it would be a good idea to erase this and write something along the lines of “Welcome” and “Happy Birthday”, you know, to set the mood or whatnot. Well as we go to erase the board it is discovered that someone has made the mistake of using PERMANENT marker on the board.
Obviously this is annoying and not exactly easy to get rid of. After scrubbing and trying a couple of different wax-on wax-off techniques I leaned watching the karate kid we managed to uncover some cleaning solution and set to work. Much to our dismay the cleaning solution didn’t have much of an impact. In fact it would be a stretch really to say it had any sort of impact at all. This is when enlightenment dawned upon our gathering and one of my friends rushed off to her room for a couple of seconds.

She came back wielding a large 2L bottle of homemade rakia and a look of utter brilliance upon her face. She snagged a rag, soaked it good in a healthy dose of homemade jet-fuel and preceded to whip, with unimaginable ease, the permanent marker from the board. This is about the time where I thought to myself;

Wow that is amazing. That stuff really is powerful. You could easily fuel a car with that. People drink that. People drink a lot of that. Why on earth would anyone want to put something like that into their bodies. If it cleans permanent marker off a whiteboard that easily what does it do to my liver? That is it, no more raki for me!

And that is how the west was won… Good day to you.

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