Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Bulgarian Rakia Still and Kazan Manufacturer

If you fancy having a go at making your own rakia at home it is useful to know where you can get the tools for the trade, namely the stills and the kazans. There is a company call Kazanarakia that produces just these made to your specification. The company is Bulgarian and their website is in Bulgaria, but then that is expected.
I have clipped and translated the main bits of the home page, there are other pages that have a variety of sizes and specifications and a few other pages still under construction. I think the company has been around a while, but they have only recently gone online.

Welcome to the world of wrought copper!

We produce and offer wide range of copper stills with a different design and size to meet the individual needs of our customers' tastes. Kazanite intended for the manufacture of beverages pirtni marc and essential oils which are obtained by distillation of the flowers and spread.
Whether you are looking for residential purposes stills or to provide services in settlements, we are confident that you will receive a quality product.

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