Friday, 29 January 2010

Blocked Nose and Sinuses? - Rakia Can Solve That Too

It was a very ill couple in bed with blocked up noses and sinuses knowing that work the next day would be a struggle. In Bulgaria the answer to most illnesses is rakia which we both drunk earlier that evening. It put us in a sleepy mood, but our clogged up system was the main hurdle for getting a good night of sleep.

So it was another remedy rakia based that was suggested to unclog us.Rakia is used for so many things and yet another twist was revealed which simply involved cotton wool dipped in rakia and stuffed up your nose for half an hour.

It was such a funny sight with us in bed watching television with rakia infused cotton wool (called tampons in Bulgarian) tightly stuffed up our nostrils.The feeling was quite strange as the alcohol fumes gradually worked it way to our sinuses clearing the way as it went. After 30 minutes we removed the aid and literally breathed a sigh of relief as we turned the television off and settled in for sleep.

The following morning we were both feeling slightly better as we set off to work. Our noses were clear and our flu symptoms had subsided My thoughts on all these rakia cures that actually work are directed to commercial use of an alternative medicine. Perhaps someone might come up with a consumer goods design involving rakia as a healing product; So far it is only used at home although prescribed by many Bulgarian doctors. There is scientific evidence that backs it up so why not? Is there an entrepreneur who can design rakia product for a market that love alternative medicine? 

For me as a foreigner here in Bulgaria and a big sceptic, it has never failed to amaze how this rakia product work wonders for ailments. Trying it for myself time and time again got rid of my scepticism and this is another success story found out first hand.
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