Thursday, 28 January 2010

Rakia Pricing Wrong

I found this advert aim for skiing tourist this winter which has finally arrived in Bulagria. I am amazed at the prices they charge for rakia in their tavern. Yambolski Grape rakia is only 7-8 leva a litre yet they charge 6 leva for only 50 ml!!! On the other side of the coin is the price of Bourgas 63. a more esteemed rakia is only 2 leva per 50 ml. Either the have the prices wrong for a reason or they know nothing about the qualities and equivalent prices for rakia.

Click on the picture to enlargeThe “Banski Aiduti” tavern is located in the central part of the town of Bansko. Since it was opened, the tavern has become one of the most popular places in the town. It disposes of 150 seats.
The tavern is furnished in the typical for the region of Bansko old-fashioned style. The ventilation system enables you to feel cozily and comfortably during your stay here.
You can enjoy the delicious grilled dishes, prepared in accordance to old Bulgarian recipes. The meals of the master-chef, combined with selected wines and seasoned brandy, will gratify even the most discriminating taste of clients.
For the total satisfaction of the visitors, the “Banski Aiduti” tavern offers an unique folklore program.
The tavern accepts reservations for family occasions.

Kehlibar – 50 ml – 2.00 BGN
Bourgas 63 – 50 ml – 2.00 BGN
Yambolski Muscat – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
Suhindolska special – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
12 years old Slivenska perla – 50 ml – 6.00 BGN
Troyanska plum brandy – special selection – 50 ml – 4.00 BGN
Peshterska selection – 50 ml – 4.00 BGN
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