Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Coriander Price Increase Expected Due To Floods

News just in that really will affect the cost of rakia this coming year. Many Bulgarians use coriander as a vital ingredient added to their rakia making process that gives it a distinctive taste. Coriander in Bulgaria is exclusively used for rakia making and the rest is exported as it is not traditionally a herb that is used in Bulgarian cuisine. 

Because of the extremes of thawing snow and continual rain, this year's crop of coriander is forecast to be a bad one. The areas of land where they are normally farmed are flooded and this will certainly cause a delay in sowing or ruin the stock of seeds that have been sown already.This of course means that there will be less yield this year and the knock on effect is that the cost will increase as a result. Rakia without coriander to many just isn't good enough and with this news there will be many who will try and grow their own for the first time, me included.
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