Monday, 8 February 2010

Anasonliika 'Enda vreme' Rakia

This was found on Wikipedia before it was deleted by the editors as it was against their protocol of advertising products and services. I must admit it is rather blatant reading it through. What do you think?

Anasonliika "Edno vreme" is a Bulgarian 54-proof digestif made with grapes and anise. It is the product of "Distillery Karlovo ltd, headquartered in Karlovo, east of Sofia, Bulgaria. We are proud to announce is a premium brandy, emblematic of Karlovo region. We make it our the best grapes and humanize it with fragrant Bulgarian anise. Anasonliika is brandy, traditional for the Rose Valley - local masters have always put my heart, patience, and old secrets of preparation, to gain precious clear liquid with an unforgettable taste and bewitching scent. Its qualities are unchanged until today, thanks to the preserved ancient recipe, using only pure natural products and adherence to traditional production process. Just like old times - clean and sort the grapes by hand. Leave it to ferment slowly and naturally without adding impurities - to keep the noble fruit effect. In traditional copper stills distilling once to get the most pivkiya extracts and aromatic alcohol. Added anise seed from Bulgarian and distilling again - then fine aniseed oil infused its unique scent in the liquid. And that's all. But behind this simplicity lie the real secrets of Anasonliika "Edno vreme... ...
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