Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rakia - A Rough Brandy That Leaves You On The Ground?

It is strange how many version of explaining rakia there are. I'm not too sure this account has actually tried rakia, but has given and account from third party experiences. It is also interesting to see how many accounts say that rakia leaves you on the ground and described as a rough brandy. Most is drunk little and often although there is always the tendency to drink more with guests who are willingly offered it. I like this blog which I often visit and coincidently it is nice to see an article on rakia that has now been made.

Mmmmmm . . . .strange liquor. That's almost as sweet as strange . . .you know.
Popular through all of the Balkans but especially Bulgaria is the almost homemade, kept in old plastic bottles and looking a little like piss, rakia. This fruit brandy can come in many different varieties and although it only averages out at 40% in the store bought variety it can bounce up to a much higher alcohol percentage when it is homemade…and any Bulgarian will tell you that the only rakia worth drinking is .......
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