Monday, 22 March 2010

Cherry Rakia Time Soon

Rakia is now nearing the end of supplies and it is a productive spring to look forward to with the rakia production back in action again with the first crops of cherries. The town of Sliven is famed for its cherry rakia and of course the surrouding area has ample decares of cherry orchards that are specifically for the cherry rakia.

I tried my first cherry rakia only last year and the exprience was a pleasant one. Made in Sliven in the home of a friend we visited, it had a distintive aroma and aftertaste. Slightly sweeter than the grape and sliva versions, but requires an experienced hand to make this cherry base rakia on par with them.

Our Bulgarian friend showed us his method of distilling, using a big pan with some cherry wine and a jam jar in the centre. An ice filled wok restign on top. This is heated and the wine's steam is immediately cooled and the drips fall into the jam jar. He keep his wok and pans on an interesting enclume pot rack. Hanging from the ceiling it saves space which is just as well as his kitchen is his bedroom and dining room as well. The enclume hanging system is something I still remember very well and still have a little piing form in my kitchen with rakia making utensils at the ready for a little distilling.

Well needless to say the cherry rakiia may well be tried this year by us. We missed out last year and are considering buying the cherries when they are in season and the price at its lowest.
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