Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rakia Drinking Vessels - What Choices Are There?

A glass of whisky.
Drinking rakia is a common practice and most have a habit of drinking gout of the same drinking vessel for years. Sometimes the type of drinking vessel can affect the taste of the rakia, for example wooden and metal materials can react with the spirit and give a slight taint to the finish.

Traditionally in Bulgaria wooden vessels were used, but today glass is the best choice of material that does not impair the flavour of the rakia. If you currently use a metal or wooden vessel, try a change by using glass, it may well improve the rakia moment. The best places to get glass rakia drinking vessels are from restaurant supply retailers or restaurant equipment suppliers. It doesn't have to be a specific rakia drinking vessel as most spirit glasses will suffice. After all rakia is a brandy so one would assume that brandy glasses would be best. I actually disagree and recommend whisky glasses, not least because they can stand the 'knocks' when the 'Nastrave' is made.

Whatever style of glass you choose to drink your rakia from glass has proven to be the best.
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