Monday, 8 March 2010

Rakia Made For Illegal Business Apparently On The Increase


The illegal making of Rakia goes on and more are getting caught. this time it is in Plovdiv. there is never going to be a complete eradication of finds by the authorities as only a certain percentage each year is confiscated. this does mean though that the more finds made means more is being made underground based on that certain percentage. This can only put a stronger case for tax on Rakia unfortunately. I would say there isn't a person in Bulgaria who doesn't know someone who makes excess Rakia for a side business.

In the frames of a check-up executed by officers with the Economic Police and the Customs Plovdiv, authorities found and confiscated 1 ton and 420 liters of alcohol from a warehouse in the village of Parvenets, district of Plovdiv. Vyara Genova, press officers of the National Customs Agnecy, announced.
The warehouse is managed by the Djiro Trade company. The alcohol was found in a mini-bus, parked close to the warehouse. The alcohol was divided into plastic bottles of mineral water and is of different types – vodka, rakia, mint liquor.
In the end of February, at the decision of the director of the National Customs Agency, the license for alcohol trade of the Djiro Trade company have been taken away over constant violations.
Only in 2009, 15 penalties of violation have been drawn to the company, worth a total of BGN 45,000.
An inquest has been initiated on the case. Investigation continues.

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