Monday, 18 May 2009

Coriander Rakia - A New Taste, A Great Taste

Coriander Rakia - A New Taste, A Great TasteImage by AudreyH via Flickr

Another bout of Rakia drinking took place last night as we were invited to meet some new friends in an apartment block home. All we had to bring with us was some of my homemade grape Rakia as all the food was catered for.

We arrived and soon after the friends arrived. My own Rakia went down a treat in fact too well we got through the litre that I brought along and we ran dry after a few hours. This was no problem as one of the guests lives three flights above on the eighth floor and decided that we should try his own homemade grape Rakia so off he went.

Moments later another 1 litre of Rakia arrived and we were told that it registered 50% on the Richter scale. As the first sip was taken, my mouth came alive with the taste of which I had never experienced before. Even at the 50% strength it travelled smoothly to the stomach and left a trail of herby tastes in its wake. I asked how he got these wonderful flavours in his Rakia and his answer was no secret, he used coriander in the process.

Coriander Rakia - A New Taste, A Great Taste

Most if not all coriander in Bulgaria is exported and they export a load! This was the first time I had known it to be used in Rakia and was very impressed with the final result. There is a coriander farm near my village so it might be a little trip there to get some coriander and try his recipe out on my next batch. He did mention that it had to be grape Rakia as this was the best ingredient to use with so much natural sugar.

Well the evening passed and we finished the bottle between us just before midnight as we danced our way back home it was a quick and easy sleep with all that Rakia and hanging flavours in my system.

Coriander Rakia? It certainly impressed me and another twist in varieties experienced.

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