Thursday, 7 May 2009

Yambolska Rakia Drinking Glass

Yambolska Rakia Drinking Glass
Local Rakia from Yambol known as Yambolska Rakia often comes in 700 cl or 1 litre sized bottles. On these bottles sometimes is a Rakia drinking glass. It's not free as they up the price if this is with the bottle. You will find many homes in Yambol with these glasses in their kitchen. Hardly any in villages as they never buy Rakia but drink their own.

I personally have around five of these, all bought during the first year here when my own prodution wasn't in action. They are of good quality and I always use this glass to drink my own Rakia. As you can see the black print is slightly worn away where it has been picked up and drunk every evening over the last few years.
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