Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Visit To Bulgaria The Rakia Country

Grant Podelco is an American journalist living and working in Prague. His visit to Bulgaria opened his eyes to what life is like there and of course rakia is part of that. His post has some great pictures in a slide show of the food and drink that is part of everyday life in Bulgaria.

I have just taken a short extract here, but recommend you read the full post of Grant's account. I'm sure he'll return at some point, and it was good that respect was given to the rakia drunk and no sore heads in sight.

We ate lots of incredible home-cooked food -- from drob sarma, a subtle Bulgarian lamb and rice pie, to what seemed to me to be an entire roasted lamb, cooked to perfection. We drank what seemed like liters of homemade rakia, a fruit brandy that packs a powerful punch.

For the full accoutn go to:
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