Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Night Of Punk And Rakia

Looks very much like the mixture of puck and rakia mix very well indeed considering getting hoplessly drunk is part of punk culture! Stephanie tells of her night combinng both, not recommended for the faint hearted.

On a very wet Thursday evening in April, I escaped to a nearby basement bar on Queen West, known as 751 or the Basement to locals, after a disastrous night at the Drake shooting for a band I won’t bother mentioning. It was pouring rain: my gear bag was doing a good job protecting my camera but I was wet, nearly soaked, and I wanted to go somewhere to help liven up my spirits. I dried off at the bar, warming up with a shot or two of Rakia, a Serbian plum liquor. As I swallowed the Rakia, the liquor entered my half-empty stomach, while my eyes and ears were met with intense energy provided by 751’s resident band, The New Kings.

Sadly, the New Kings’ residency ended at 751 that night, along with a friend of theirs, Worldly Savages, moving to Montreal to pursue his musical career. I risked snapping some pictures in the maddening and partially drunk crowd, capturing some images you see here.

No thanks to the Rakia, my head had a hard time recovering the next day.

Eva Moon of The New Kings
Michael Louis Johnson of The New Kings
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