Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Rakia and Aspirin - A Magical Cure For Aches

88/365 - take two aspirin and call me when you...Aspirin + Rakia = Health

There is a Bulgarian medical recipe that cures aches and pains and of course involves rakia. This was found out when our Baba had back pains and we knew there was some 2 litres of rakia kept to one side from the last distilling. This was the initial 2 litres and carried a substantial alcohol content of 70%+. This is deemed toxic to drink and customarily it is used for medical purposes.

We found that 300ml of this strong rakia was taken and put in a small capped bottle, then three aspirin tablets were crushed and added to the spirit and diluted by shaking for a minute or so. This concoction was then applied by hand to the ailing area of the body and rubbed in gently at first with ever increasing pressure until it is all absorbed.

In essence this is a massage lotion and by golly it works wonders! The next morning Baba was up and about like a spring chicken and the aching back pains had gone. It never fails to amaze what rakia can do and unlike the lies advertised about that dire beer called ‘Heinekin’ rakia reaches parts other drinks can’t reach – With the help of aspirin of course.

Image by jypsygen via Flickr
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