Monday, 2 November 2009

A Traveller's Experience of Rakia and Co.

There is a very good article that a couple of travellers had made on their journey through Bulgaria and other Balkan and Mediterranean countries. Their observations and experiences on the rakia and other national based spirits they have sampled is quite comprehensive.

I have just given a sample of the article and would recommend you visit the link given to see the full article and great pictures alongside. It gives a good account of information taken at ground level and of course first hand experience of the liquors including rakia of course.

Whether you call it Rakia, Ouzo, Mastika or Raki, a small war has been brewing for generations across countries and cultures. Most drinkers of the world are familiar with Greek Ouzo, and maybe even a few dedicated tipplers like the strong anise flavor. The reality is most of the Mediterranean and Balkans claim this liquor as their creation and national drink. Greece just has better marketing and distribution.

A Traveller's Experience of Rakia and Co.
Hungarian Palinka

We were not fans of anise before this trip; we both hate licorice candies, and we have to say we are still not really excited about the flavor now. Granted, we cook with fennel or star anise and much of the food in this region uses these spices, often resulting in amazing dishes. However, after having an open mind and drinking these liquors, we are still not going to go buy bottles of it and proclaim ourselves converts to world of licorice and we will definitely not race to buy any Absinthe...............................

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