Monday, 9 November 2009

What Alcohol Level Should Rakia Be Drunk? Result of Poll

What Alcohol Level Should Rakia Be Drunk?

Less than 40%
2 (6%)
7 (24%)
Between 41% and 44%
4 (13%)
Between 45% and 49%
7 (24%)
50% +
9 (31%)

Votes: 29

Weel the voting is closed and the results show that most, almost a third of voters feelt hat rakia should be drunk at an alcohol level of 50% plus! Most commercial rakia is sold at 40% and occasionally slighly higher. 24% of voters adhered to this standard of 40% of which commerical rakia bought migh have influenced.

I personally voted for between 41% and 44%, which is the alcohol content of my own home made rakia. This was the second lowest count.

No surprise that the lowest voe by far was for rakia at under 40%, butr still there were votes here.

A thank you to all who voted.

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