Thursday, 26 November 2009

No Hike On Bulgarian Home Made Rakia

No Hike OIn Bulgarian Home Made Rakia

Hot off the press. There is to be no increase in the tax on home made rakia and many thousands of Bulgarians were sweating on the result! We can sigh a breath of relieve now and enjoy another season of harvesting crops without fear of a hike. It doesn't make much difference to most anyway as they don't pay the tax due to date anyway here!

Here the report: (Source

MPs failed to adopt the increase of excise duty on spirits and beer while voting the amendments to the Excise Duty and Tax Warehouses Act. The proposal was excise of the ethyl alcohol to be increased from BGN 1100 to BGN 1250 per 1 hectoliter pure alcohol, and the excise duty on the ethyl alcohol (home-made brandy) produced in small distillatory to increase from BGN 550 to BGN 625 per 1 hectoliter pure alcohol.

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