Sunday, 8 November 2009

New Company Profile For Vinprom-Troyan AD

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There is a new company profile published in Vinprom-Troyan who are the leading maker of commercial rakia in Bulgaria. They have led the way for decades in developing a consistent and quality rakia. This should not be compared to home produced rakia of course.

Here is the new profile. Vinprom-Troyan AD is a leading Bulgarian spirit distilling company. It specialises in the production of natural fruit rakiya (brandy) and other highly alcoholic beverages. The company sells its products both on the domestic market and abroad. Vinprom-Troyan is majority owned by Yutex Holding AD. The company profile contains corporate history, company overview, contact details, key management, shareholders and investors, a description of products and services, financial analysis, sales analysis, leading competitors and investment plans.

Other details of the company that are listed can be found here:
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