Saturday, 20 December 2008

Bulgarian Apricot Rakia - Kaysieva Rakia

Bulgarian Apricot Rakia - Kaysieva RakiaQuite often you will see Rakia being sold in bazaars and markets up and down the country. All home produced they are made from various fruits, grape, plum, apple cherry and today I saw some apricot based Rakia (Кайсиева ракия) begin sold alongside a grape and plum based Rakia.

I found an article describing how the commercial Apricot Rakia is processed, not brilliant English bit gives you the basics:

Made by well ripened fruit of apricots. Processed fruits, alcoholic fermentation and distillation are listed under "General". Apricot brandy alcohol content is 36% vol..
In retail store meets apricot spirits as the Silistra apricot spirits. It is produced in the region of Silistra by well ripened apricot fruit to be processed immediately upon receipt in the enterprise.

Processing of fruits, fermented fruit pulp and distillation is carried out as usual in apricot spirits. Prior in slop containers for storing standardized distillate (brandy) is otsvetyava with caramel color to light. Aging in barrels bearing or transport a minimum of one year and then bottled. Alcohol degree Silistrenska of apricot spirits is 37% vol.
Extract from "Production of household spirits, liqueurs and fruit wines" by D. Tsakov
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