Friday, 12 December 2008

Sungurlarska Rakia - From Vinex Slayantsi

Sungurlarska Rakia - From Vinex SlayantsiThis Raki ais produced by the Vinex Sungurlara Estate producing three grades of Rakia.

Grape Rakia Sungurlare Special,
Grape Rakia Sungurlare Muscat
Grape Rakia Sungurlare

You can find more about the producers of thius fine Rakia at Rakia-producers-vinex-slavyantsi

I found a Rakia Drink Menu and Price list from Restaurant Moskva A Russian Restaurant in Sofia.
  • Royal Amber 50ml 21.99 lv.
  • Rakia from Khan Krum 13 y.o. 50ml 6.59 lv.
  • Burgas 63 Perlova 50ml 6.59 lv.
  • Burgas 63 Barel 50ml 4.99 lv.
  • Burgaska Muskatova 50ml 3.99 lv.
  • Slivenska Perla 12 y.o. 50ml 7.59 lv.
  • Slivenska Perla 50ml 3.99 lv.
  • Tetevenska Slivova Special 10 y.o. 50ml 6.59 lv.
  • Troianska Special Reserve 25 y.o. 50ml 7.59 lv.
  • Peshterska Muskatova 50ml 3.99 lv.
  • Sungurlarska Special 50ml 3.99 lv.
  • Muzhka rakia 50ml 3.99 lv.
Sungurlarska is priced at the lower end of the selection given here.

At Don Vito a catering company, again based in Sofia they sell this Rakia by the bottle for 13 BG Lev (500 ml.)

The Bottle Rakia Price List is given here:
  • Yambolska bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
  • Sungurlarska bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
  • Peshterska bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
  • Karnobatska bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
  • Dyadova usukanitsa bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
  • Slivova mellowed bottle 500ml. 13.00lv.
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