Monday, 22 December 2008

Tetevenska Slivova (Plum) Rakia

I have found a review for this Rakia and have translated it from Bulgarian to English - not too good, but you will get the picture.
Tetevenska Slivova matures. He is 3 years, characterized by slightly lighter in colour and a little more tang. And it'm quite embezzle, I have no complaints. To drink chilled, but not much, because spices are lost. The right choice for anyone who would fight snobarskoto respect to slivovitsata and even to the spirits as a drink.
Price: Tetevenska matures - 8.90 - 9.20 euro

Note: Some institutions do not support these spirits Unknown why. Others have them, but you've finished the first bottle, it appears that no second.

Another description has been found and given here:
Tetevenska matured and Trojan Plum Brandy

Produced in specialized workshops in Teteven and Trojan. Use only healthy, well-ripened fruits of different varieties of plums grown in these areas. Processing of fruits, fermented fruit pulp and destilatsiyata are for the old Trojan plum brandy. The resulting plum distillate is diluted with softened water to alcohol content 42-43% vol., otsvetyava to drive to Mel ¬ svetloslamenozhalt color filter back and spillage in transport casks for aging that is still 3 years. Then draw up a trial Blend, which is tasting and approved on the basis of him being drawn up production Blend, which after processing as required by the test is filtered and bottled. The alcohol content is 40% vol.
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