Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Typical Rakia House - Some Pictures

These pictures were found of a Bulgarian distilling house and is typical of the thousands that are scattered all overBulgarian towns and villages. These particular pictures are courtesy of taken in 2006.

Notice the white Trabant parked there. If it isn't a Trabant it would be a Lada.

This particular Rakia House has four still. There ae four chimneys!

The Bulgarian blue is typical village dress colour as well as the hand knitted bobble hat

A fine example of one of the many different kinds of still that is used, mainly made of brass unlike the industrial commercial stainless steel.

The concret base will last for centuries acting as a good insulation for the fire inside

Another typical sight seen, the little plastic buckets and smaller cups for measuring the alcohol content. Can you see the 'secret' herb ingredient in the jar in the background.
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